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Teatro do Vestido
@Joana Levi
Dates and Schedules

June 15th to 25th
Place and schedule to be announced


To be announced


To be announced

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


A project by Teatro do Vestido about listening, making, playing and “trafficking” music, and about the alternative music culture in the 80’s and 90’s. For example, buy vinyls with meager allowances, exchanging them in the school playground, buying cassette tapes to record these vinyls, and by doing so multiplying them. Or, when what we heard was so much of what we were – or how music gave us an identity. Aquilo que Ouvíamos takes us on a journey through personal stories about our relationship with music and its consumption, that created and defined identities that still linger over time. A site-specific creation that will take place on a site yet to be found. It won’t be on a stage. But it will be in a place where you can play loud, very loud. To rediscover a city, Lisbon, where these stories can still echo. And others, other cities as well.

Cast and Creative

Text and Direction Joana Craveiro Co-creation and Cast Estêvão Antunes, Inês Rosado, Joana Craveiro, Tânia Guerreiro, and additional cast to be defined Guest musicians (co-creation, composing and interpretation) Bruno Pinto, Filipe Raposo, Francisco Madureira, and Loosers (Guilherme Canhão, Jerry the Cat, Rui Dâmaso and Zé Miguel) Project Consultant Sérgio Hidalgo Lighting João Cachulo Set Carla Martinez Image João Paulo Serafim Project Assistant Leocádia Silva Production Director Alaíde Costa Support ZDB, Centro Cultural Vila Flor Co-production Teatro Nacional São João, EGEAC: Espaço Público and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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