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Cenas da Vida Conjugal

By Ingmar Bergman Directed by Rita Calçada Bastos
Past event
Dates and Schedules

June 22nd to July 4th
Tuesday to saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h00


Sala Mário viegas


In Cenas da Vida Conjugal, Rita Calçada Bastos reflects on this epoch where what seems to be reality most of the time isn’t. It is just a lens that translates the present, in which everyone has their own vision, their notion of truth, their image of the other, but it is noting but a brief notion customised to what we know. “To be, in its entirety, is full of ugly and thin and mundane things, and these we usually do not show, we really want to hide, we commit ourselves seriously in this endeavour. Hide them from ourselves and above all from the other, from society,” she says. In Ingmar Bergman’s text she found this impossibility of being whole, the difficulty of enduring reality as it should be and the cruelty of the relationship with the other. “We live commanded by our ghosts and our reality is nothing more than a projection,” she continues. From a pure and simple game of actors, she creates a dialogue between Theatre – what you want to be seen and what you want to hide – and Cinema (in the hands of João Canijo) – what appears to be real and what is nothing but a projection.

Cast and Creative

Direction Rita Calçada Bastos Interpretation Katrin Kaasa and Ivo Canelas Light design Paulo Santos Video João Canijo Set design and Costumes Fernando Alvarez Music and Soundscape Hugo Neves Reis Translation Katrin Kaasa Executive producer Raul Ribeiro Production Close2Paradise


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