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Corpos Celestes (Celestial bodies)

Beatriz Batarda
©Rita Quelhas
Dates and Schedules

11 to 22 April
Tuesday to Saturday, Schedule to be announced


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Free admission, subject to room capacity.


The project Corpos Celestes was born from the research and writing process of the play C., Celeste e a Primeira Virtude, by Beatriz Batarda. It is a video-installation in 5 acts, 5 screens, 5 stories narrated from the testimonies of young artists in the fields of Theatre, Music, Visual Arts and Dance, collected during the interval in which they see the course of their lives suspended: after their student life and before reaching public visibility. These are years of pandemic. Fiction and reality intersect and, with a contemporary gaze, we approach the important debate on the individual conflict between external pressures and intimate motivations.

Based on the idea of Wilhelm Schmidt in Serenity (2014), that Art often has a melancholic character and can offer consolation or inspire a feeling of happiness – that character that Hannah Arendt calls “the highest virtue of the human being” – Beatriz Batarda, who debuts here in directing an audiovisual object, builds a narrative where elements of fiction and non-fiction complement each other in a story about feelings of belonging that concern us all. The installation corresponds to 5 creation laboratories where 5 working groups met, each one of them consisting of young people between 20 and 30 years old, from different geographic origins and singular paths. The author seeks to record how an intimate and dangerous theatre can open up intellectual debate in contact with affections, in order to delve into laborious themes such as the overwhelming power of the image, the place of freedom in art, the manifestations of segregation in the job market, the return to the meaning of the artistic gesture and the importance of truth in the creative impulse.



Project supported by    Logotipo SAMSUNG

Cast and Creative

Participants André Marques, André Simões, Andreia Valles, António Durães, Artur Pizarro, Beatriz Batarda, Beatriz Gonçalves, Bruna Lima, Catarina Campos Costa, Constança Villaverde Rosado, Diana Sousa Lara, Djucu Dabó, Filipe Lopes, Francisca Neves, Francisca Sarmento, Gonçalo Braga, Gonçalo Ribeiro, Guilherme Félix, Guilherme Pelote, Inês Filipe, Inês Proença, Irís Runa, Jéssica Brandão, Joana Bernardo, Joana Pialgata, João Pires, João Raposo Nunes, José Miguel Dias, José Paulo Ribeiro, Laura Mendonça, Leandro Paulin, Leonor Alecrim, Luísa Guerra, Mafalda Pereira, Marco Mendonça, Maria Romana, Maria Ribeiro Torres, Mariana Cardoso, Mariana Lobo Vaz, Miguel Amorim, Nuno Nunes, Olga Roriz, Pedro Russo, Rafael Carvalho, Rita Cabaço, Rita Quelhas, Rita Vicente, Rui Silva, Sara Marita, Susana Luz, Tomás Seruca Bravo   Directed by Beatriz Batarda Co-direction and Edition Rita Quelhas Sound Editing and Mixing Miguel Martins and Miguel Diogo (Estúdio McFly) Edition Intern Gabriela Dias production director Rita Faustino and Sofia Bernardo Executive producer Beatriz Batarda, Mariana Dixe and Rita Quelhas Support Espaço do Tempo, Officina Mundi, Município de Avis, Teatro Oficina Acknowledgments Cleo Diára, Eduardo Batarda, Joana Villaverde, Rui Horta, Teatra (TNDMII) Co-production Causas Comuns, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Offkey Produções Artísticas, Teatro Viriato and São Luiz Teatro Municipal /// Causas Comuns is a structure funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Arts and is a member of Performart – Association for the Performing Arts in Portugal


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