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A cycle on public cultural policies
Coordination and moderation Tiago Bartolomeu Costa
Past event
Dates and Schedules

26 September, 24 October, 28 November
27 February and 27 March 2023
Monday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Free admission, subject to room capacity.


Online tickets available the day before each session.


The history of culture is also what was done so that this history could happen. To the added value that culture is said to bring, one should argue that, more than just adding, it structures and anticipates. In the organisation of cities, in the defence of values, in the sharing of knowledge and identities, in social, individual and collective transformation. In Curso Livre de Cultura, we talk to protagonists, analysts and artists about how another discourse to talk about culture can be constructed: one that frees from the opacity of numbers and speeches and transforms its experience into a complementary experience, where economy and society cease to be categories that limit what is fruition, reflection and action. The sessions, with a variable model in terms of the number of guests and presentation methods, include a lesson and a context, carried out by specialists with work published or developed in the chosen theme, and a debate or interview, in collaboration with journalists.


Next sessions:

27 february
A Transversalidade da Cultura: Políticas Municipais, Territoriais, Sociais (The Transversality of Culture: Municipal, Territorial, Social Policies)
Lecture: Joaquim Jorge (Especialista em Património Cultural e Identidade)
Context: Pedro Cegonho (deputado e ex-Presidente do Conselho Diretivo da ANAFRE – Associação Nacional de Freguesias (2014-2020))
Debate: Adriana Freire Nogueira (Diretora Regional de Cultura do Algarve), Ana Paula Amendoeira (Diretora Regional de Cultura do Alentejo), Dália Paulo (Diretora Municipal de Cultura do Município de Loulé), Gil Ferreira (Vereador da Cultura do Município de Santa Maria da Feira)
Moderation: Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

27 march
Liberalismo cultural: O Estado, os privados e os fantasmas do Mecenato (Cultural liberalism: The State, private individuals and the ghosts of Patronage)


Sessions already held:

26 september 2022
Estatutos e Inclusão: Políticas Práticas e Consequências Públicas (Statutes and Inclusion: Practical Policies and Public Consequences)
Lecture: Vera Borges (ISCTE)
Context: Ana Paula Santiago (DCM|Littler)
Debate: Mafalda Sebastião (Coordinator Pólo Cultural Gaivotas/Boavista – Lisboa Cultura Store), Francisca Fernandes (Performart ), Miguel Guedes (GDA ).
Moderation: Tiago Bartolomeu Costa and Catarina Almeida Pereira

24 october 2022
Territórios e Identidades Múltiplas: O Desafio da Próxima Capital Europeia de Cultura (Territories and Multiple Identities: The Challenge of the Next European Capital of Culture)
Lecture: Miguel Honrado
Context: Cristina Farinha
Debate – representatives of the cities shortlisted for the nomination of European Capital of Culture 2027: Martim Sousa Tavares (Aveiro), Joana Meneses Fernandes (Braga), Paula Garcia (Évora) and António Pedro Lopes (Ponta Delgada)
Moderation: João Gaspar and Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

28 november 2022
Fazer as Contas ao Orçamento do Estado para a Cultura (Accounting for the State Budget for Culture)
Lecture: Helena Santos (Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto)
Context: Sónia Teixeira (vogal do Conselho de Administração do Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II)
Debate: representatives of parliamentary groups with a seat on the Culture Committee of the Assembly of the Republic
Moderation: Helena Teixeira da Silva and Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

Cast and Creative

Coordination and moderation Tiago Bartolomeu Costa Production São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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