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Da Felicidade (Of happiness)

Cristina Carvalhal and João Henriques
Dates and Schedules

5 to 16 July
Wednesday to Saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h


Sala Mário Viegas


€12 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction

To be classified by the EEC

Portuguese Sign Language

9 July, Sunday, 16h


Music and a few words, philosophy, trivialities, rights, freedoms, ironies and love is always love, to say about happiness.

Of happiness it is said: brief moments; revelations, poems; nonsense; paths less traveled; with luck, constellations of small nothings in the same day. The sudden solidarity of an unknown person, the tranquility of a forest at the end of the afternoon, the dizziness after looking at a painting in the corner of the gallery, that moment when the right amount of alcohol happens on the dance floor, the intimacy of a conversation in a low voice in a hotel lobby, the silence of a quiet street on a foggy night, songs sung at the top of their lungs in a car full of people, the sea the sea, a shiver of cold down the spine, butterflies in the belly, dreams, promises , collective demonstrations, imagined futures on a walk hand in hand at night.

Of happiness, or how to achieve it, Seneca tells us that we must choose the path well, because the better known and more frequented the path, the greater the risk of being adrift. A jump, then, listening to the soul and flying, without fear of elves, amazement or emptiness, between affinities and intuitions, between songs and stories, and which reminds us of the happiness of being together, of those indescribable moments of connection in that the duration of time is lost and we wander between its rings.

Of happiness or the importance of other spaces to imagine these other futures, which we still cannot verbalize.

Cast and Creative

Creation Cristina Carvalhal e João Henriques Musical direction Ariel Rodriguez With Bruno Huca, Júlia Valente and Sílvia Filipe Light Vasco Sousa Light Anaísa Guerreiro Production Direction Rita Faustino Executive Production Mariana Dixe Acknowledgments Maria Filomena Molder Co-production Causas Comuns and São Luiz Teatro Municipal /// Causas Comuns is a structure financed by Governo de Portugal – Ministério da Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes and is a member of Performart – Association for the Performing Arts in Portugal


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