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É Pró Menino e Prá Menina

By Catarina Requeijo
Past event
Dates and Schedules

17 to 23 January
Families: Saturday and Sunday , 16h
Schools: Thursday and Friday, Monday to Wednesday, 10h30


Sala Mário Viegas


€3, €7 adults

Age Restriction

Age rate pending | Target audience: 3 > 6 years

Portuguese Sign Language Relaxed Session

Families: Saturday, 19 January, 16h

Portuguese Sign Language

Schools: 17 to 23 January, subject to booking


Do girls like pink, play with dolls and dance ballet? Do boys like blue, play with cars and play football? Or do girls play football and boys play with dolls? What can girls do and boys can’t? What do they want to be (and can be) when they grow up? These and other questions were asked to children, as well as their answers, hesitations and silences were the starting point for the creation of Catarina Requeijo’s new play. Gender questions are brought onto the stage, avoiding stereotypes, erasing labels and leaving the spectator with many, many questions.

Workshop É Pró Menino e Prá Menina: Estereótipos de Género
Conception and direction: Catarina Requeijo and Vera Alvelos
Target audience: kindergarten teachers

21 e 26 January
Monday, 17h-20h
Saturday, 14h30-17h30

In this workshop kindergarten teacher are offered the tools to question their students about pre-conceived ideas on both genders. With a very practical approach, it is fundamental that the attendees question themselves on the subject. By means of dramatic games and painting, the adults will find themselves in a place of doubting in order to be able to do the same with their students.

Sala Bernardo Sassetti
Physical accessibility for people with reduced mobility
Free pending inscription at maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt

Cast and Creative

Direction Catarina Requeijo Interpretation João Nunes Monteiro and Marta Cerqueira Stage and costume design Maria João Castelo Lighting design José Álvaro Correia Artistic consultant Miguel Fragata Research in schools Catarina Requeijo and Vera Alvelos Production Maria João Santos Commissioned by São Luiz Teatro Municipal in coproduction with Formiga Atómica Associação Cultural, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Centro de Arte de Ovar and Cine-Teatro Louletano


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