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Filhos do Mal

Hotel Europa
Dates and Schedules

Thursday, 19h; Friday and Saturday, 20h; Sunday, 16h19


Sala Mário viegas


Hotel Europa creates its new documentary theatre play from the concept of “post-memory”, as defined by Marianne Hirsch in her book Postmemory Generation: the “describes the relationship that the ‘generation after’ bears to the personal, collective, and cultural trauma of those who came before — to experiences they “remember” only by means of the stories, images, and behaviours among which they grew up. Os Filhos do Mal investigates the relationship that generations born after the 25th of April 1974 have with the Estado Novo and what memories were transmitted to them from that same past. The show reflects particularly upon the children of people who resisted this oppression and the children of the agents of that same repression: children of PIDE agents, Mocidade Portuguesa, Movimento Nacional Feminino, Censorship, Informants, among others, as well as children of former political prisoners, former political exiles, members of political parties opposed to the regime, recalcitrants of the Colonial War, etc. From an extensive and contrasting collection of testimonies, Os Filhos do Mal also reflects upon the way this past linked to an authoritarian regime is reflected in today’s Portugal and Europe, looking at the legacy left in countries that were governed by authoritarian and non-democratic regimes and their resistance movements. On stage, the “actors” are real people, found through the process of testimony collection, representing their own stories and those of others with a similar past.

Cast and Creative

Creation André Amálio Co-creation Tereza Havlíčková Light design Joaquim Madaíl Set design Maria João Castelo Production Hotel Europa


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