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By Patrícia Portela, based on the writings of Toon Tellegen e Daniil Kharms
With Patrícia Portela and Célia Fechas
Past event
Dates and Schedules

23 to 27 November
Time to be agreed with the school





Age Restriction

Target audience: over 8 years


Porcupines all steamed up at the sun, who insists on setting every day, irascible rhinos and elephants who think that the other should stray from their path, crayfish that sell furies of all sizes. In Fúrias, Patrícia Portela and Célia Fechas take the work of the Dutch author and philosopher Toon Tellegen, and like traveling saleswomen, set up a stall to sell furies to whomever needs them. With a smokescreen behind them, where several different furies are projected and visualised, ten stories of past and future rages are told, presenting a catalogue of furies that is transacted with the public and built according to the needs of each one. A show where we talk about all kinds of little tiffs and pouts at other people, life, ourselves, from that difficult and vulnerable place that is to get angry, disagree, hurt or suffer from our afflictions and those who are one of ours.

After Por Amor, premiered in 2017, this is Patricia Portela’s second play about an emotion, Fúria. Fear (based on the Aventuras de João Sem Medo), Frustration, Betrayal and Generosity will follow.

Cast and Creative

Text by Patrícia Portela based on the writings of Toon Tellegen e Daniil Kharms Translation by Célia Fechas e Patrícia Portela revisão de/editing de Isabel Garcez e Zoë Portela de Boeck Performers and co-creators Célia Fechas and Patrícia Portela Food for Furies Peter de Bie Light design Leonardo Simões Furious Playlist Sérgio Hydalgo Special effects and Post-production Irmã Lucia Efeitos Especiais Support Livraria Poesia Incompleta a production Prado, associação cultural, in partnership with Laika vzw Coproduction São Luiz Teatro Municipal Prado has the support of DGartes/Ministério da Cultura for 2020-2021 acknowledgments to Nuno Veiga, Teatro Viriato and Changuito. This show is dedicated to Zoë Portela de Boeck, to Iréne and Bruna Dietvorst and to Ada Brys


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