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Directed by Caroline Bergeron
Past event
Dates and Schedules

30 May to 2 June

Thursday and Friday, morning and afternoon, in a school pending inscription at maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt

Saturday and Sunday, morning and afternoon, in a public park to be announced


To be announced


5 minutes per spectator


Free admission

Age Restriction

Target audience: > 12 years; 12+


Guardar Segredo is a series of theatre performances happening inside two wardrobes placed in the public space. Each wardrobe can only fit one person — the exact size to watch a Guardar Segredo performance. What happens inside is not to be known by anyone else. The only thing not secret is the length of five minutes. One spectator, one actor, five minutes. This is the proposition of the company Amarelo Silvestre who, in a staging by Caroline Bergeron, invites the spectators to go one by one inside a wardrobe to watch a performance. An act of abstraction from the surrounding space, of withdrawal, of privilege and courage. Inside, there will be a conversation about secrets: keeping secrets, having secrets, telling secrets, dying  in order not to tell a secret, dying for telling a secret, loving in secrecy, suffering in secrecy. About different types of secrets: love, State, more or less obscure, well kept, broken, that cannot be told.

Integrated in Festas de Lisboa in a partnership with Programação em Espaço Público.

Performances of Guardar Segredo:
A fada que não voa (with Rafaela Santos)
Abafada (with  Rafaela Santos)
Alexandre (with Sofia Dias)
Eu sou um segredo (with Edi Gaspar)
Eu tenho três amores (with Ana Lúcia Palminha)
Há que comer a galinha morta (with Ana Lúcia Palminha)
Memórias de guarda-fatos (with Ana Lúcia Palminha)
Menino Jesus (with Edi Gaspar)
Metamorfose (with Sofia Dias)
Primeiro Tango em Paris (with Edi Gaspar)
Tu não vais embora (with Rafaela Santos)
Segredos polifónicos (with Ana Lúcia Palminha, Edi Gaspar, Rafaela Santos and Sofia Dias)

Capacity: 1 spectator per performance

In paralell to the performances, a writing and body/movement workshop will be held by the team Amarelo Silvestre, for the students waiting to enter the wardrobes.

Cast and Creative

Creation Amarelo Silvestre Staged by Caroline Bergeron Dramaturgy Fernando Giestas CoCreation and interpretation Ana Lúcia Palminha, Edi Gaspar, Rafaela Santos, Sofia Dias Stage design Henrique Ralheta and Carolina Reis Lighting Jorge Ribeiro Project image Rosário Pinheiro Photography Fernando Carqueja Administrative management Paula Trepado Executive production Susana Rocha Partnership As Casas do Visconde Co-production Amarelo Silvestre and Câmara Municipal de Nelas Support República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes Acknowledgements Maria Ester Pais do Couto, Lia Alvadia, Lira e Pitum, Tiago Peres, Cristina Baccari and everybody who shared secrets with Amarelo Silvestre


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