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Teatro Meridional
Histórias de LX ©Susana Monteiro
Past event
Dates and Schedules

5 to 16 June
Wednesday to Saturday, 21h
Sunday, 17h30


Conversation with the team:
Sunday, 9 June, after the performance


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


€12 a €15 with discounts

Age Restriction

Age rate pending

Portuguese Sign Language

9 June, Sunday, 17h30


Lisbon and its people, made of many people, plus the tourists arriving. Lisbon and its contrasts, popular neighbourhoods and popular festivals, and the middle class, the PhDs, the rushed people, the depressed, the artists, and the British on their way. The Lisbon with its youth and ever growing old people. The speed, diversity, multiplicity. Skates and canes. The start-ups, the gadgets, the neighbourhood coffee shops, the multinationals and the centennial shops. Life inside and outside the houses. Yesterday, today and the project for the future. Teatro Meridional creates a performance about Lisbon, directed by Natália Luiza and in collaboration with Ar.Co – an independent art school, starting from comic book strips by Portuguese authors and according to the same synthetic logic. In a physical work of mask theatre, the contrasts are underlined and the typologies and stereotypes marked. On stage we find the city and some of its characters in contexts from their every day life, in a timeless perspective evoking Lisbon’s multicultural life, some of its customs and manifestations, and plays critically with its political life and some of its protagonists.

(Rehearsal pictures)

Cast and Creative

Text selection and Dramaturgy Natália Luiza Direction Natália Luiza Comic Book Assistance Nuno Saraiva Artistic assistance and Lighting design Miguel Seabra Cast Rui M. Silva, Catarina Guerreiro, Susana Madeira, Romeu Costa, Margarida Gonçalves, Vítor Alves da Silva Scenic space and Costumes Marta Carreiras, with the collaboration of the comic book students of AR.CO Sound and sound space Rui Rebelo Vocal technique Rui de Luna Executive producer Rita Conduto e Susana Monteiro Co-production Teatro Meridional and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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