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Jogos de Obediência

Marta Carreiras and Romeu Costa
Dates and Schedules

June 3rd to 11th
Friday and saturday, 19h30; sunday, 16h

June 14th to 19th
Tuesday to saturday, 19h30; Sunday, 16h



May 31st to June 9th
Tuesday to thursday, 14h30

Scheduling via the email maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt

(€3 per student)
Target audience: secondary and high school students


Sala Mário viegas




€12 (with discounts)

Age Restriction

Age rate pending; target audience: +14

Portuguese Sign Language

June 19, Sunday, 4pm


After Pedro e o Capitão, with text by Mario Benedetti, premiered in 2017 at São Luiz and re-staged in 2019, Marta Carreiras and Romeu Costa return with Jogos de Obediência. If in the first show, they looked at the issues of the banality of evil and the origin of monsters, now they seek the fragility factors of those who normally show a certain propensity to follow orders, without questioning or challenging. If, with Pedro e o Capitão they tried to understand the dimension of the “no”, with Jogos de Obediência they want to understand the “yes”. Who are these people who accept the rules of the game and elect the elite we saw in the previous performance? This new staging is a game/experience that uses the theatre as a board of humanity, where all men and women are participants. A place that is both a place of listening and speaking, where the possibility of changing the rules of action is always present. There is a protocol, there are rules. A game is a proposal for the organisation of a collective event, but it does not determine the grammar of the meeting. The organisation presents the protocol, everything is enunciated. Obeying is part of the rules, but not obeying can also be a rule. There are no threats – everything is fine, there is joy, there is freedom.

Cast and Creative

Artistic direction, set and costumes Marta Carreiras Artistic assistant Romeu Costa Dramaturgy Raquel S. Cast Madalena Almeida, Sílvia Filipe, Rosinda Costa, Rui M. Silva, Vitor d’Andrade Assistant director Tadeu Faustino e Catarina Moreira Pires Music Sofia Vitória Production direction Maria Folque Guimarães Video Bruno Ramos Light design Zé Rui Sound design Francisco Marujo e Margarida Pinto Scenography assistant and costumes Martim Rodrigues Production direction Maria Folque Guimarães Co-production Bloco Operatório – Associação Cultural e Teatro Municipal São Luiz Support programa Caixa Cultura e Garantir Cultura


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