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Júlio Resende

Festival Live in a Box
©Pedro Cláudio
Past event
Dates and Schedules

April 14th
Thursday, 22h


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




single price 20€ | daily pass 35€ | 3 day pass 65€

Age Restriction



The most recent show by the pianist/composer Júlio Resende combines two different musical genres: fado and jazz. With original music composed by Júlio Resende who also assumes, for the first time, lyrics’ authorship for Letra da Profecia, only song interpreted by the fado singer Lina Rodrigues, Júlio Resende – Fado Jazz Ensemble counts with the presence of Bruno Chaveiro in the portuguese guitar, Alexandre Frazão in the percussions and André Rosinha in the upright bass.
This project includes an unprecedented gesture: being Júlio Resende the only artist authorized to use the voice of Amália Rodrigues in his shows, he performs an impossible duet with the fado diva, in the song Medo.

“It’s an arrow with a suction cup on its tip, thrown into a target called “chest”. If it hits the target, it hopes to find a strong connection on that spot, that it doesn’t fall, as if the suction cup turned to skin itself. Something which lasts, that’s what my music tries to be. About the record, it’s a free record, in which the portuguese guitar and the piano intersect, and with the upright bass and the drums trying to use that newfound place as much as possible. They’re roaming. If it’s fado, if it’s jazz, I don’t know, it can be both, but in reality I don’t know because those who know usually don’t step forward. Those who know often stop on that knowledge.I rather not know, just go, free. Just like the sound”, writes Júlio Resende.


In 2020, in the middle of confinement, the Live in a Box Festival was born. For three days, through their Instagram accounts, Lusophone artists gave concerts online and reached, live, about 8,000 viewers. In 2022, Live in a Box will jump from the small screen of a mobile phone to the São Luiz Theatre, to once again be close to the people and transmit to them what only live music is capable of. Lusophone music is once again set on a physical stage and promises to come together in an out of the box festival that celebrates the union between Lusophone and Iberian music, in two daily concerts over three days.



April 14th
Júlio Resende, 19h
Luísa Sobral, 22h

April 15th
Moreno Veloso, 19h
Carlão, 22h

April 16th
Sara Correia, 19h
Carles Dénia, 22h


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