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By Margarida Mestre
Past event
Dates and Schedules

7 to 10 March
Families: Saturday and Sunday, 16h
Schools: Thursday and Friday, 10h30 and 14h30
Meeting with the team after the performance for schools


Sala Mário Viegas


€3, €7 adults

Age Restriction

Target audience: > 6 years; 6+

Relaxed Session

Families: sunday, 10 march, 16h


Margarida Mestre dives into the sea to create a performance filled with questions for children: ”What happens in reality and in our imagination when we relate to the sea, that liquid immensity, something that has as much within as it has outside, something that provokes attraction as well as fear, something that gave us so much History, that gives us so many stories, and makes us make so many more? How do we dive now in that infinite matter? How do we bring that to shore in words, in experience, as a vision? We are like the sea. In constant agitation…”

Parallel programme to Marinho, for schools attending the performance:

Oficinas Marinhas
25 to 28 February

Workshop presenting the materials from Marinho: how the idea was born, how it was designed and executed in materials done live. What is our relationship with the sea from different points of view, like Geography, History, Biology and physical experience… Experiences with drawing, sound, movement and thought around details who are part of the dramaturgy on stage.

These sessions take place at the schools who have booked this activity
Public: primary students (3rd or 4th grade) attending the sessions on the 7 and 8 of March.
Duration of each session: 60 min.
Free pending inscription at maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt

Comunicação Ana Pêgo
Marin is what comes from the sea. And the sea is life! The sea gives life! But the immense ocean is at risk and our life depends on its life. There are species that disappeared others who are appearing, like the Plasticus Maritimus. What is it? Where did it come from? Let’s discover the good things the sea provides us and what we can do to save it.

Free pending inscription at maisnovos@teatrosaoluiz.pt, for the schools attending the performance

Performance, workshop and communication included in the programme Um Artista, Sete Programadores, gathering several municipal theatres around the country around the same creator.

Cast and Creative

Conception and interpretation Margarida Mestre Original Score and live Henrique Fernandes Stage and Costume design Maria João Castelo Lighting design Nuno Figueira Making-of video Faz Filmes Guest anthropologist Pedro Prista Guest biologist: Ana Pêgo Production Vanda Cerejo – Materiais Diversos Supported by EMEPC – Estrutura de Missão para Extensão da Plataforma Continental, Escola Superior de Dança – Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa e Fundação GDA / Cycle Um Artista Sete Programadores, promoted and Co-produced by CCB-Fábrica das Artes (March 2018), Centro de Arte de Ovar (May 2018), Cine – Teatro Louletano (October 2018), Teatro Municipal do Porto (November 2018), Culturgest (January 2019), São Luiz Teatro Municipal (March 2019) and Teatro Viriato (May 2019)


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