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Atividades práticas para profissionais
Past event
Dates and Schedules

November 19th to 21st


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


Free, enrollment is closed


The practical activities in the Dança Sem Idade programe will last for three full days and target older than 40 years old dance professionals. They aim to establish a place of proximity, swapping experiences and artistic paths with the purpose of the creation and interaction of future bonds.

In each day, there will be a different work proposal led by artists who are present in the festival — Francisco Camacho, Nacera Belaza and Ali Chahrour — who with their differentiated languages and practices wish  to contribute artistic activation and renovation of the participants.

Enrollment is closed

Dança Sem Idade is centered in the issue of age and aging as a process, wether in the dance or in the general society perspectives. The different activities’ articulation aims to contribute to the breaking down of pre-conceived ideas and yet poorly debated regarding the age up to which one is able to dance, and the audience’s expectations when confronted with a body out of the conventional parameters.
The project puts into dialogue dance professionals who are aged older than 40 years old and academia personalities, from several countries, claiming the space and visibility for less younger bodies who are not in the glow of physical exuberance, but which in all their accumulated experience and motor intelligence can still question and conquer audiences.
There will be 3 days of artistic practices , open to the participation of professionals who are older than 40. Each day, there will be a different work proposal led by  artists with differentiated languages and practices among themselves, such as Nacera Belaza, Ali Chahrour and Francisco Camacho. Such diversity should contribute for these participants’ artistic activation and recycling. In the plan of theoretical reflection, there will be the promotion of a symposium with relevant personalities from the academic research developed within this field, in the international context, as well as a conversation after the presentation of VELHⒶS, with its choreographer Francisco Camacho and  the choreographer and researcher Susanne Martin, in a dialogue regarding their own artistic practices and perspectives, with moderation by  the cultural activist journalist Carla Fernandes. VELHⒶS gathers a group of professionals who are past their 50s, with live music by Sérgio Pelágio, and with the generous participation of older Lisbon inhabitants.




Cast and Creative

Moderating artists Francisco Camacho, Nacera Belaza and Ali Chahrour


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