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O que é um Problema? (What is a Problem?)

Beatriz Valentim
Festival Cumplicidades
©Pedro Figueiredo
Past event
Dates and Schedules

13 and 14 May
Saturday and Sunday, 15h


11 and 12 May
Thursday and Friday, 10h30 and 14h30

Target audience: secondary and college


Sala Mário Viegas


€7 adults, €3 children (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



What is a problem and how do we discover that it exists?

We start in the void, where there is an unsolved problem, and we set out to discover it on a complex and challenging path. You find problems in your own body and its limitations: How does one deal with these limits, circumventing and finding alternatives? What path is taken to solve the problem in the architecture of our body as a metaphor for the question of the general problem?

The body, curious and insightful, seeks and lends a hand to a path about to be discovered through movement, construction, design and sounds. We constantly seek to activate physical, sensory and emotional responses to overcome problems and find solutions. O que é um Problema? it is a show that takes place on stage, with two dancers, one of whom is also a plastic artist, and a musician, dedicated to the youth audience.



13 May


#Face to Face
A meeting of researchers and professionals from different areas, which will open new perspectives regarding the reflection on the shows and the themes addressed by their creators. Thinking about Dance in the 21st century, in a transversal way, in terms of different generations and different places of thought is a starting point to open new platforms for understanding dance as a cultural and social phenomenon in contemporaneity, as well as a new form of language that is not only artistic. The guest speakers thus set out for a set of thoughts and discussions, allowing the work not to end in itself. This process implies the closeness of the guest speakers to the works in order for the latter to be the basis of the different reflections


Limites, fronteiras, margens e territórios no nosso corpo (Limits, borders, margins and territories in our body)
dance, limits, borders, multiculturalism, reflection, community, cultures, center vs periphery, ambiguity.
Sala Bernardo Sassetti
Saturday , 4 pm
Participants: Ana Vitória, Jesualdo Lopes and Pedro Pinto
Moderator/Provocateur: Luiz Antunes

Cast and Creative

Artistic direction and choreography Beatriz Valentim Performance and SCENOGRAPHIC DESIGN Beatriz Valentim and Ana Caetano ORIGINAL LIVE MUSIC AND SONOPLASTY Pedro Souza Artistic Counseling Francisco Camacho ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTS Os Arranjadores Costumes Beatriz Valentim in collaboration with Ana Isabel Castro and Luís Capela Oliveira Light Design Cárin Geada LIGHT DESIGN ASSISTANCE Cláudia Valente Sound Martinho Cardoso ARTISTIC RESIDENCiES Teatro do Ferro, Central Elétrica / CACE Cultural, Balleteatro, Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Campo Alegre, Produções Real Pelágio / Teatro da Voz, dEVIR CAPa Faro Co-production Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Festival Cumplicidades / São Luiz Teatro Municipal EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION Teresa de Brito and Tiago Sgarbi DISTRIBUTION Eira Financial support Republica Portuguesa – Cultura | DGARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes SUPPORT AND acknowledgments Bettina_lingerie; Beatriz de Fátima, Renata Monteiro and Sofia Sanchez (Pallco Performing Arts School & Conservatory); 11ºE class from Escola Secundária Aurélia de Sousa, Porto; 9ºG class from Escola EB 2/3 Frei João de Vila do Conde


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