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Based on the works of Ruy Belo Artistic director Ana Nave
© Nuno 'Azelpds' Almeida
Past event
Dates and Schedules

6 to 10 March
Wednesday to Sunday, 19h


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


€12 with discounts

Age Restriction

+ 12


Ana Nave brings the poetry of Ruy Belo to the stage, believing that a history of Portuguese XXth century poetry is impossible to write without mentioning this poet whose work left no one indifferent: “A work that is impossible to label and is traversed by the idea of construction made of houses, birds, trees, men in transit, plays of light and shadow with space and time. In Ruy Belo humanism is not explained, it is exposed through perplexities.”

(Video by Tiago Inuit and Diogo Borges)

Cast and Creative

Artistic direction Ana Nave Cast Maria João Luís and Ana Nave Poem selection Rui Lagartinho Musical Direction and interpretation José Peixoto Lighting design João Cachulo Video Nuno ‘Azelpds’ Almeida Costume Designer Rafaela Mapril Executive producer Mónica Talina and Vítor Alves Brotas Circulation support GDA Foundation Co-production Arte33 and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Commissioned by São Luiz Teatro Municipal in coproduction with Arte33


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