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Past event
Dates and Schedules

7 September
Wednesday, 20h


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


1h30 approx. (film + talk)



Age Restriction



Session in partnership with Teatro São Luiz, Casa Bernardo Sassetti, with live musical accompaniment under the guidance of Desidério Lázaro.

The exploits of Diogo Alves, a dangerous thug who terrorized Lisbon in 1836-39. The murders, the robberies, the denunciation. The arrest, the sentence, the execution…

So reads the synopsis of what the first director of Cinemateca, Féliz Ribeiro, called “the first great Portuguese fiction film” despite the existence of an unfinished version dating from 1909. With a script based on the serial “Criminosos Célebres”, this film recounts in pictures the macabre exploits of the “aqueduct killer”, Diogo Alves. Therefore, this is also the first Portuguese horror film, as it deals with the life of a serial killer. Premiered in April 1911, it was a great success with the public and the subject of controversy after its screening was suspended by the police, due to the risk that the film could “induce to crime”. This special session will be accompanied by an original score by Bernardo Sassetti.

The conversation Do Silêncio, Revelação – A composition for silent cinema in Portugal will follow, with the participation of Tó Trips – who, with the Dead Combo, integrated soundtracks and, solo, composed the music of “Surdina”, by Rodrigo Areias –, Filipe Raposo – pianist, composer and orchestrator, who actively collaborates with Cinemateca Portuguesa –, Margarida Cardoso, filmmaker and friend of Bernardo Sassetti with whom he collaborated on “A Costa dos Murmúrios” and Desidério Lázaro – saxophonist teacher and composer -, moderated by the curator and researcher Érica Rodrigues.

Cast and Creative

Os Crimes de Diogo Alves Director João Tavares Script João Freire Correia, Lino Ferreira Production João Freire Correia (Portugalia Filmes) Cast Alfredo Sousa, Amélia Soares, Gertrudes Lima Year 1911 Premiere Salão da Trindade a 26/04/1911 original score Bernardo Sassetti In partnership with Casa Bernardo Sassetti musical direction Desidério Lázaro musicians Desidério Lázaro (saxophone), Moisés Fernandes (trumpet), Luís Barrigas (piano), Juliana Mendonça (contrabass), António Carvalho (drums)


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