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Madalena Marques
Dates and Schedules

22 to 29 November

Saturday and Sunday, 16h


Tuesday to Friday, 10h30
Meeting with the team after the performance for schools


Sala Mário Viegas


€3 children; €7 adults

Age Restriction

Age rate pending
> 6 years old

Portuguese Sign Language

24 November, Sunday, 16h
with prior booking

Relaxed Session

29 November, Friday, 10h30


The thousand-eyed monster is sitting over there. Someone enters the room. Steps on the stage. Climbs up the stairs. Opens doors. Tries to follow the sound of the footsteps she heard before. Her heart is beating fast. So is curiosity. Behind, coming from above… the Shoes… alone. Pareceu-me Ouvir Passos, by Madalena Marques, was born after she attended the performance tour Os Sapatos do Sr. Luiz, and has now a stage version. In this scene play between a woman and a pair of shoes, we see dances at the sound of operas; movies, flashes and journeys; mechanisms and mysteries. During this encounter, projections appear showing the details of the shoes. Stories of theatre in general and of Teatro São Luiz in particular are told. A performance dressed in amazement, discovery, superstition, that introduces us to those who build the hidden world of the theatre: actors and actresses, lighting and sound technicians, movie projectionists and impresarios. They will all come to visit us, step by step.

Cast and Creative

Conception, Drama and Interpretation Madalena Marques Staging support, Movement (kuroko) and Manipulation Joana Manaças Staging support and Drama Susana Pires Sound design, Lighting design and Imaging operator André Neto Co-production Casa Invisível and São Luiz Teatro Municipal Performance created from Os Sapatos do Sr. Luiz  


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