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Pêndulo (Pendulum)

Marco Martins
©Marta Pinto Machado
Past event
Dates and Schedules

16 a 18 June
Friday e Saturday , 20h; Sunday, 17h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


€12 to €15 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction



With english subtitles.


How do immigrant workers relate to the families they work for? And how are they affected by this relationship? How do you experience the need to leave your home to take care of the homes of others? How does a country relate to the immigrants it welcomes? In Pendulum, Marco Martins works with a group of female caregivers and domestic servants whose lives are guided by commuting: between the periphery and the center of the capital (Lisbon), between their home and the home of those who employ them, and between the country of origin and country of destination, Portugal. Pendulum focuses on the nature of domestic work, to talk about family relationships, the confrontation between different ways of life, contexts, expectations, dreams and daily lives. This creation, in line with the scenic work developed in recent years by Marco Martins, is based on the participation and commitment of a group of non-professional actors. It makes room for the stories of those who are directly confronted with the precariousness implicit in the economic and social development of the world.


©Marta Pinto Machado, “Nôs Txon”, 2019-2021

Cast and Creative

Creation and direction Marco Martins cast Elane Galacho, Emanuelle Bezerra, Fabi Lima, Juliana Teodoro Alves, Maria Gustavo, Maria YaYa Rodrigues Correia, Nádia Fabrici, Nzaji Dende Text Marco Martins with collaboration of cast and Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida Original Music Tia Maria Produções Movement Vânia Rovisco Direction assistant and dramaturgical support Rita Quelhas Set designer fala atelier Light Designer Nuno Meira Sound designer and sound operation Vítor Santos Non-actors’ casting José Pires Scenographic project, production and assembly Artworks Arena Ensemble’s managing director Marta Delgado Martins Production manager Flávio Catelli Coordination and Production Direction Mariana Brandão acknowledgments Alexandrina Barros de Pina, Beatriz Maciel, Denise Souto, Filomena Correia, Maria Stella Barbosa de Oliveira, Miriam Pontífice, Poly Ferreira, Rosana Peixoto; Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium Team, Adelaide Silva (Almada Mundo), Ângela Fernandes Barbosa (Centro Cultural de Cabo Verde), Keilla Gonçalves (Conexão Feminina – Setúbal), Larissa Birca (Associação Moldava), Lígia Almeida (Ad Sumus – Almada), Ministério dos Filmes, Natércia Pedro (Centro Comunitário Arrentela), Nuno Lopes, Patrícia Brederode (Casa do Brasil), Pedro Lisboa (coordenador RSI Montijo), Pedro Santarém (C.M Barreiro), Pensão Favorita (Porto), Príncipe Discos, Samantha Costa, Sandra Coelho (Cinema-Teatro Joaquim d’Almeida), Sandra Pratas Rodrigues (Montijo), Sílvia Gil, Soraia Talento Marques (Alto Comissariado para as Migrações) Co-production Arena Ensemble, Artemrede, Rota Clandestina/C.M. Setúbal, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli and São Luiz Teatro Municipal / PROSPERO – Extended Theatre Support DGArtes supports Artemrede in the scope of this project; Microcrete; Pensão Favorita – Porto; Príncipe Discos; Ministério dos Filmes; SMS Vending Partnerships Municipality of Barreiro, Municipality of Almada, Municipality of Montijo, Municipality of Lisboa


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