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Porque é Infinito (Because it is Infinite)

Victor Hugo Pontes
Text Joana Craveiro based on a reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
©José Caldeira
Past event
Dates and Schedules

3 to 5 March
Friday and Saturday , 20h; Sunday, 17h30


2 March
Thursday 14h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra




€12 to €15 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction


Portuguese Sign Language

5 March, Sunday, 17h30


“I know all about love, really.” A creation by Victor Hugo Pontes that turns a literary classic inside out, so you can see its seams clearly. Starting from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Victor Hugo Pontes builds, in his unique choreographic language, a work where movement is linked to words. With an original text by Joana Craveiro, adolescence (contemporary, not Elizabethan) is placed in the background, because that is where everything happens for the first time. Conducted by documental and affective research, we enter the rooms of those who are initiated into the idea of ​​“love forever”, a time of excesses and long nights. We also enter the kaleidoscopic universe of a choreographer who does not shy away from yet another creative exercise based on a classic (as he did with Chekhov and Pirandello), nor from yet another incursion into the life experiences of those who built this show with him (such as Margem or Meio no Meio). Because it is Infinite constitutes, finally, a reflection on the language we use to define a verb – to love – that is so difficult to conjugate. “Love? This is exactly what?”


Cast and Creative

Artistic direction Victor Hugo Pontes Text Joana Craveiro Performed by António Júlio, Benedito José, Inês Azedo, Ivo Santos, José Ferreira, Luísa Guerra, Pedro Frias, Rui Pedro Silva, Santiago Mateus, Sofia Montenegro, Vera Santos Assistant director Daniela Cruz Set design F. Ribeiro Technical direction and Light design Wilma Moutinho Original score Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins Sound Design Leandro Leitão Excerpts from the musical work Romeo and Juliet, by Sergei Prokofiev Sound operation João Monteiro Costumes Cristina Cunha and Victor Hugo Pontes Artistic consultancy Madalena Alfaia Costume design Emília Pontes and Domingos Freitas Pereira Set construction Móveis Modernos Maia & Rocha Production direction Joana Ventura Executive production Mariana Lourenço Production assistant Inês Guedes Pereira Residency support CRL – Central Elétrica, Ginasiano Escola de Dança, Instável – Centro Coreográfico, Teatro de Ferro Co-production Nome Próprio, Centro de Arte de Ovar, A Oficina / Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Aveirense, Teatro Nacional São João and São Luiz Teatro Municipal /// Nome Próprio is a resident structure of the Teatro Campo Alegre, under the programme Teatro em Campo Aberto and has the support of República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes /// The translation of the passages from Romeo and Juliet used in this play is by Fernando Villas-Boas (Oficina do Livro, 2007)


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