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Sete Anos Sete Peças
Cláudia Dias
Dates and Schedules

Friday, 20h

Meeting with the creators after the show


Sala Mário viegas


Sexta-feira is the last of the working days of the Sete Anos Sete Peças cycle. The show closes a smaller cycle within a larger cycle and Cláudia Dias calls as guest artists Vasco Vaz and Miguel Pedro, who have done the critical follow up of the entire project. Then the weekend will come, Saturday and Sunday. It’s an English week. More or less: who knows how to count the working hours dedicated to this project? Imagining the days of rest has become a luxury. The value of work evaporates with the end-of-time air that haunts the world. The idea of the end of the world threatens to paralyse action and thought. Worse still, the idea of “end of history” accelerates the race to decide who will be “the last man”, who enters and who stays out of the barge of history. But history still moves, time still advances, inexorable. Sexta-feira, Claudia Dias gets together with those closest to her to close the week and imagine the immediate future. Maybe the end of this world is just the beginning of a new world.


Cast and Creative

Artistic direction Cláudia Dias Guest artists Vasco Vaz and Miguel Pedro Interpreters to be defined Music and musical direction Vasco Vaz and Miguel Pedro Technical direction and light design Nuno Borda D’Água Video Bruno Cana Photography Alípio Padilha Critical follow-up Karas Production Alkantara Artistic Residencies and support O Espaço do Tempo e Companhia Olga Roriz Co-production Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Municipal do Porto Co-production of artistic residency O Espaço do Tempo (associate artist) Alkantara is a structure funded by: República Portuguesa | Cultura/ Direcção-Geral das Artes e Câmara Municipal de Lisboa


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