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SÓCRATES TEM DE MORRER: A Vida de John Smith – 2nd Episode

By Mickaël de Oliveira
Sócrates tem de Morrer
Past event
Dates and Schedules

6 to 9 December
Thursday to Saturday, 23h
Sunday, 19h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


1h45 min


€12 to €15 with discounts; Double Ticket €20 to €25 with discounts

Age Restriction



Mickaël de Oliveira presents two episodes of this performance simultaneously at São Luiz: A Morte de Sócrates and A Vida de John Smith. A dyptich, starred by Albano Jerónimo, continuing the director’s work on theatre and politics. From Sócrates’ last three days in prison, and the wait for capital punishment, to a new planet in a future inhabited by an elite of reincarnated souls.

A Vida de John Smith – 2nd Episode

A Vida de John Smith is the second episode of the diptych Sócrates Tem de Morrer. In this episode, Paulo, Pedro, Raquel, Ana and Sócrates (reincarnated as John Smith) wake up from a long sleep in a Natural History Museum. Three members of the Academy wake them up: Aquela (Miguel Moreira), Aquele (Pedro Gil) and Aqueloutro (Maria Leite) who show them the world that emerged from the utopia designed on the first episode: a community defined by the primacy of the soul over the body. Memory, language, fiction, affiliation, difference and alterity are the themes that feed the discussion where they all have to reach a decision on the future of this new world, endangered by an unprecedented threat paying homage to Fédon by Plato and to science-fiction B movies.

Both shows happen on the same day, but can be attended individually, depending on the purchase of a single or double ticket.

Cast and Creative

Text and direction Mickaël de Oliveira Cast Albano Jerónimo, Ana Bustorff, Maria Leite, Miguel Moreira, Paulo Pinto, Pedro Gil, Pedro Lacerda, Raquel Castro, Solange Freitas Assistant director Solange Freitas Stage design António MV Lighting design Rui Monteiro Music and interpretation Diogo Ribeiro Costume design Sara Coimbra Loureiro Video João Pedro Fonseca Characterisation Jorge Bragada Photography Bruno Simão Translation (Latin and Greek) Carlos Jesus Production director Armando Valente Co-production Colectivo 84, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Viriato and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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