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Alkantara Festival
Past event
Dates and Schedules

25 November
Saturday, 6:30 pm


Sala Mário Viegas


Free admission, subject to capacity. Tickets available at the Theatre Box Office on the same day, from 15h00 (maximum 2 tickets per person).


In this book, Sódio, crystallized in poetic-discursive fragments, as I write on the first page, I offer little pieces of my emotional baggage, preserved, refined, matured, by the sodium-salt that passes through it, in different forms. Sodium from the body, salt from food, sodium-salt from things and causes and causes of things.
— Sónia Baptista


About the elemeNtário poetry collection from the publisher Flan de Tal

In 1869, Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeléev created a letter for each of the 63 known chemical elements. Each one has its symbol, its atomic mass and its respective chemical and physical properties. Arranging the cards on a table, he organized them in ascending order of atomic masses, grouping them into elements with similar properties. This is how the first Periodic Table materialized.

In celebration of their 150th anniversary, Flan de Tal and Flanzine joined the party (even without an invitation) creating a collection of poetry — elemeNtário —, where each author is challenged to write based on one of the current 118 elements in the Table. In this way, we see our kitchen transformed into a poetic laboratory.

At the moment the collection is made up of fifteen titles:: Tântalo by Alberto Lins Caldas; Cloro by Gabriela Gomes; Estrôncio by Ricardo Tiago Moura; Hidrogénio by Maria Brás Ferreira; Carbono by Alex Gozblau; Manganês by Beatriz de Almeida Rodrigues; Criptónio by Jorge Aguiar Oliveira; Fósforo by Ana Pessoa; Cobalto by Miguel Marques; Oxigénio by Catarina Santiago Costa; Titânio by Regina Guimarães; Prata by José Pedro Moreira; Néon by João Silveira; Lantânio by José Luís Costa; and Lítio by José Carlos Barros .

As a result of a previous collaboration with our editions, we invited Sónia Baptista to participate in this collection. In this way, her choice fell on the element Sodium and, which pleases us very much, she decided to integrate the writing process as the basis for her performative creation: sweat, sweat, sweat.

Cast and Creative

Reading and conversation with Sónia Baptista WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE EDITOR João Pedro Azul EDITORA Flan de Tal


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