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Gustavo Vicente
Past event
Dates and Schedules

22 to 28 October
Families: Saturday and Sunday , 16h
Schools: Monday to Friday, 10h30 and 14h30
Meeting with the team after the performance for schools


Sala Mário Viegas


€3, €7 adults

Age Restriction

Target audience: > 8 years; 6+

Portuguese Sign Language

For schools: 22 to 26 October, subject to booking

Portuguese Sign Language Relaxed Session

For families: Saturday, 27 October, 16h


In the beginning, a newspaper. Children browse through it, identify the news, some are unusual, other more mundane, from which they choose: what stories will they listen? A reader’s first choice — and the first choice of the audience in Gustavo Vicente’s Sr. Ninguém. The news, however, aren’t about current journalistic events. They are timeless stories, collected and adapted for the most part in Luís Sepulveda’s Rosas de Atacama. The subject of these stories are men, women — and even a dog! — who refuse to give in, who resist resignation, who undertake small anonymous revolutions. Isn’t this what newspapers are for? To show us why life deserves to be lived? The printed newspapers seem like something from long ago, disused materials, that younger generation see with distrust and consider uninteresting. What relationship do children nowadays have with the news? When and how do they come into their lives? Is there an appropriate age to start reading newspapers? To read about what goes on in the world? Isn’t knowing how to r-e-a-d enough?

Cast and Creative

Direction and dramaturgy Gustavo Vicente Creation: Ainhoa Vidal, Gustavo Vicente and Inês Rosado Stage designer Carla Martinez Lighting designer and video João Cachulo Live music Sérgio Nascimento Interpretation Gustavo Vicente, Carla Martinez and Sérgio Nascimento Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto e São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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