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Subterrâneo – Um Musical Obscuro

Written by Alex Cassal and Felipe Rocha Directed by Paula Diogo and Renato Linhares
©João Tuna
Dates and Schedules

June 1st to 11th
Wednesday to Saturday, 20h; Sunday, 17h30


Sala Luis Miguel Cintra


€12 to €15 (with discounts)

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


Subterrâneo – Um Musical Obscuro is a collaboration between the Portuguese Má-Criação and the Brazilian groups Foguetes Maravilha and Dimenti, bringing together artists who have been meeting on both sides of the Atlantic since 2009. The starting point for this project was the news about the 33 men trapped in a landslide at Mina San José in Chile in 2010. Days that became weeks that became months until their rescue, confined in a small cave 700 metres deep and perhaps telling each other stories during this time. This is a show that is heard before it is seen; there is no stage here illuminated by powerful projectors, but a dark room where, at times, the brief glow of a match, a torch, a lantern appears. In this darkness, actors and spectators can sleep, sometimes dream.

Cast and Creative

Conception Alex Cassal e Paula Diogo Dramaturgy Alex Cassal e Felipe Rocha Directed by Paula Diogo e Renato Linhares With Alegria Gomes, Cláudia Gaiolas, Crista Alfaiate, Fábio Osório Monteiro, Felipe Rocha, João Lopes Pereira, Marco Mendonça e Yaw Tembe Musical direction Felipe Rocha Light design Tomás Ribas Light design assistant André Boneco Scenic space F. Ribeiro Scenography assistant Saulo Silva Costumes José António Tenente Sound design Sérgio Henriques Sound design assistant Francisco Serrano e Gonçalo Carlos Dramaturgy support Joana Frazão Production direction Paula Diogo e Daniela Ribeiro Executive production Carlos Alves, Ana Barros e Fábio Osório Monteiro Press office Carlos Alves Photography João Tuna Co-production residency O Espaço do Tempo e Centro de Experimentação Artística do Vale da Amoreira/Moita Production Má-Criação, Dimenti e Foguetes Maravilha Co-production Coprodução Institutional partner CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva Acknowledgements Filipe Melo, Eduardo Lala, Pedro Lacerda Project financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes /// A Má-Criação é uma estrutura apoiada pela Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e acolhida pelo Alkantara /// Paula diogo é uma artista apoiada pela apap – FEMINIST FUTURES, um projeto cofinanciado pelo Programa Europa Criativa da União Europeia


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