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Voz Criativa, Leitura Cooperativa

Oficina de inteligência emocional e expressão oral diversificada
Paulo Alexandre Carvalho
Past event
Dates and Schedules

26 September to 19 December
26 September, 3, 10 and 31 October, 28 November, 19 December
Saturday, 14h30to 18h30


Sala Bernardo Sassetti


4 hours



Age Restriction

Target audience: Teachers


The voice stems from the body, it’s our oral signature and it speaks about us. One of the great challenges for teachers – and students – is to be heard and to make themselves heard: literally and metaphorically, in their specificity, in their originality. This workshop, directed to teachers and coordinated by Paulo Condessa, offers simple exercises, of more or less artistic oral expression, in an informal and playful environment of mutual cooperation. Structured step by step, it works the physical and symbolic space, of the individual and the group, from reading in its various forms of expression, mental and corporal. Voz Criativa, Leitura Cooperativa seeks to guide in relearning the use of voice, body and mind, so that each person’s expression can happen with natural fluidity.

Cast and Creative

Design and coordination: Paulo Condessa


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