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C., Celeste e a Primeira Virtude (C., Celeste and the First Virtue)

Beatriz Batarda
©Beatriz Batarda
Dates and Schedules

11 to 15 April
Tuesday to Saturday , 19h30

21 and 22 April
Friday and Saturday , 19h30


18 to 20 April
Tuesday to Thursday, 14h30

Target audience: College


Sala Mário Viegas


€12 with discounts (Covered by the Culture Pass - available only at the Theater ticket office)

Age Restriction

Target audience: 16+

Portuguese Sign Language

22 April, Saturday , 19h30


C., Celeste e a Primeira Virtude is a performance about the paths that artistic education opens to the burst of invention, that happy place where the human soul vertically connects the Earth to the celestial abyss.  A show that intends to contribute to an honest debate about freedom, the role of Art, love and the power that is installed in the various isms – machismo, racism, fascism – and other manifestations of fear.


Integrated in the Bienal Cultura e Educação, 2023 RETROVISOR: Uma História do Futuro, Plano Nacional das Artes



Also visit the video installation Corpos Celestes (Celestial bodies), on the same dates, in the Bernardo Sassetti room.

Cast and Creative

Text and staging Beatriz Batarda Support for dramaturgy Nuno M Cardoso Performances Beatriz Batarda, Binete Undonque, Guilherme Félix, Hugo Narciso, Íris Runa, Joana Pialgata, Pedro Russo, Rita Cabaço Light Design Nuno Meira Scenography Fernando Ribeiro Costumes José António Tenente Sound Design Sérgio Milhano (PontoZurca) Creative Assistance and Video Rita Quelhas Support for the movement Íris Runa Directing Assistance Mariana Lobo Vaz Production Direction Rita Faustino Executive Production Mariana Dixe Special participation in video André Marques, Bruna Lima, Catarina Campos Costa, Constança Villaverde Rosado, Djucu Dabó, Laura Mendonça, Leandro Paulin, Leonor Alecrim, Maria Ribeiro Torres, Maria Romana, Mariana Lobo Vaz,  Guilherme Pelote , Gonçalo Ribeiro, João Pires, João Raposo Nunes,  Joana Bernardo, Susana Luz Co-production Causas Comuns, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Cineteatro Louletano, Offkey Produções Artísticas, Teatro Viriato and São Luiz Teatro Municipal with the support of Officina Mundi, Câmara Municipal de Avis, O Espaço do Tempo e Cineteatro Louletano /// Causas Comuns is a structure financed by Governo de Portugal – Ministério da Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes and is a member of Performart – Association for the Performing Arts in Portugal


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