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Recuperar o Corpo

Artistic direction Miguel Bonneville
Dates and Schedules

30 and 31 October, 6 and 7 November, 10 and 11 November, 13 and 14 November



Sala Luis Miguel Cintra, Sala Mário Viegas e Sala Bernardo Sassetti

Age Restriction

Age rate pending


Recuperar o Corpo is a collection of solos by a group of artists whose performances, designed for stages that aren’t usually stages (bathrooms, basements of old bars, tinsmith’s shops…), are marked by the relationship between art and body and by the need to understand the human being and his relationship with his own body. This project, directed by Miguel Bonneville, brings together shows by Carlota Lagido, Maria Duarte and João Rodrigues, Odete, Rita Só and Mónica Calle, Sónia Baptista, Tiago Barbosa and Tiago Vieira. They all come together in a comprehensive theme: the body of the performer-creator, based on the premise that there is no art without the body. In doing so, there is the great purpose of recovering a pre-reflexive aesthetic body that makes of its existence a contemplation that unveils its madness, in opposition to the general thought that, in the unveiling of madness, what one will find is essentially a depressive or violent body. The body here is a singular body that is experienced in the first person and which rebels so as not to allow itself to be reduced to the exterior and geometric point of view that places it in space and domesticates it. Ultimately, these solos could be extensions of each other. They unveil the imaginary of artists who do not allow themselves to be imprisoned.


30 and 31 October
Julieta Bebe uma Cerveja no Inferno (2018), Tiago Vieira

6 and 7 November
A Balada de Amor e Morte do Porta Estandarte Christoph Rilke (2018), Maria Duarte and João Rodrigues

6 and 7 November
Anita Escorre Branco (2018), Odete

6 and 7 November
notforgetnotforgive (1999), Carlota Lagido

10th and 11th November
Haikus (2002), Sónia Baptista

13 and 14 November
Interior (2004), Rita Só and Mónica Calle

13 and 14 November
A Grande Sombra Loira (2013), Tiago Barbosa

14th November
Conversa com artistas e Publicação

Cast and Creative

Project direction Miguel Bonneville Technical direction Nuno Patinho Texts Pedro Arrifano Design/Publication Ilhas Executive producer Carina Lourenço Support Direção Geral das Artes and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa Co-production Teatro do Silêncio and São Luiz Teatro Municipal


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